Fire Bro-ton Torpe-bros!

25 09 2015

Apologies, listeners, for both the time it’s taken to bring you this new episode and for the hackneyed pun I chose for the title.

It was either this or Bro-stbusters 3: The Br-ath of Khan


Fuck. No!

I think I made the right choice.


The Day the Bromance Died

19 04 2015
Call off the search for Brian's replacement!

Call off the search for Brian’s replacement!

In Episode XXIII, Josh and Jaron chew on the brotastic (billion dollar grossing!) Furious 7how it’s better than Citizen Kane, and how much we’ll miss Paul Walker. Also on the docket – where the X-Files fits into the current reboot craze, we solve the “raging” race-specific superhero casting debate, and Schwarzenegger’s upcoming ‘best actor’ bid Maggie (seriously, he could win… right?). Send us your feedback at

The 2nd Annual Golden Brobes

24 02 2015

In Episode XXII, the gents share their ‘top 5’ lists for the cinema of 2014. Surprises, upsets, biased opinions galore!

What, you expected something else for the Golden Brobes statue?

What, you expected something else for the Golden Brobes statue?

Give a listen to find out if the picks overlap, if the boys can keep their emotions under control, and who has better taste? Let us know whose side you’re on at

MARVELous X-rated Bros

11 02 2015

In Episode XXI, conspiracies are back in vogue. The bros discuss Kumail Nanjiani’s charming podcast The X-Files Files, which Josh is imbibing as he makes his virgin trek through the series and which has reawakened Jaron’s crush on Gillian Anderson in painful fashion.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Chest hair.


They also theorize on what’s gonna happen in the MCU now that Spidey has returned to the fold.


“You’re late, Pete.”

Oh, and apparently Jaron has a supercreep stalker. All that and Josh gets out his male mail sack. Speaking of, send us your feedback at

Super Longdistance Bros.

30 01 2015

In the immortal words of Raymond Stantz, “We’re back!”

It’s been a long time, folks. Too long. But Josh and Jaron have pulled it together (enough) to return to the bromance that makes them feel more like the people they’re supposed to be (insert “I wish I could quit you” joke here).




In the 3rd(?) season premiere the gents discuss Bats v. Supes and the frustrating trendency to split movies in two, some of their fave films of the year, the promise of a new hope (get it?) in Star Wars VII, and why Arrow is the best Batman movie ever. All that and more. We’re baaaaack! (I- I- I- I ain’t ‘fraid o’ no ghost).

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Robin Williams: Broteur

3 03 2014

Why beat around the bush? In Episode XIX, Jaron and Josh welcome to the table, yes – Robin Williams!


Looooooooooooooooong distaaance bromaaaaaaaaaance!

They discuss his tastes in nerdverse, his upcoming auteurial effort Michael Was Here (featuring Jaron!), where he thinks mainstream film is headed thanks to all those superheroes, and how he feels about the prospect of seeing his work end up online. S’a good chat, folks.

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Can’t Get Enough of Your Brobes

18 02 2014

In Episode XVIII, Jalfron announces the winners of the 2013 Golden Brobes, revisits the filmography of acting legend Philip Seymour Hoffman


RIP Scotty, Lester, Mattress Man, Truman, Gust, Caden and Lancaster, but mostly, Philip.

… Josh illuminates exactly how much Iron Man 3‘s Mandarin was “swing and a miss”, and in honor of St. Valentine the gents pose a philosophical brain teaser loosely related to romantic love. Quite loosely. All that and a bag of this guy’s chips…


An actor is only as good as his ability to grow a mustache.

Actor/writer/comedian Tim Hildebrand joins Jaron for an interview courtesy of the mobile unit. (That’s the bag he carries his mic in.)

Golden Brobes

21 01 2014

Season 2, muthas. In Episode XVII, Alf and J-Ron recap the year’s achievements in film and announce the nominees for the highest honours bestowable in the movies – The GOLDEN BROBES!

They also chat up the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi opus Interstellar and dive back into the listener mailbag. On the block: Josh’s math skills, why Jaron has no future as a game show host, and the debate is settled once and for all – Star Trek or Star Wars.

And for those of you who just don’t have the time to listen, the nominees for the 2013 Golden Brobes are as follows…

“Best Trailer That Was Better Than Its Film”

1. Elysium   2. The Lone Ranger   3. Man of Steel  4. Pacific Rim   5. Saving Mr. Banks

“Biggest Disappointment”

1. Man of Steel   2. Only God Forgives   3. Upstream Color   4. World War Z

“Most Embarrassing Over-the-Hiller”

1. Michael Douglas, Last Vegas   2. Ron Perlman, Pacific Rim   3. Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Last Stand   4. Sylvester Stallone, Escape Plan   5. Bruce Willis, A Good Day to Die Hard

“Movie You Most Wish You Could Unsee”

1. The Best Man Holiday   2. Ender’s Game   3. Man of Steel   4. World War Z

“Most Brotastic Film”

1. Anchorman 2   2. This Is the End   3. The Wolf of Wall Street   4. The World’s End

“Biggest Fuck-You to Fans”

1. Iron Man 3 – The Mandarin   2. Star Trek Into Darkness – Khan   3. World War Z – the whole film

“Favorite Film Experience of the Year”

– Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy, capped by this year’s Before Midnight (Jaron)

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in a packed AVX theatre (Josh)

“Strongest Case for Smaller Filmmaking”

1. The Dirties   2. In a World…   3. The Spectacular Now   4. The Way Way Back

“Favorite Film of the Year”

–     Out of the Furnace (Josh)

–     Before Midnight (Jaron)

Send us your votes! Or suggest your own nominees/categories. Let ‘em fly, listeners.

We Have The Power!

23 12 2013

Merry Christmas, bromancers! In Episode XVI, the gents present you with a gift more valuable than gold, myrrh or frankincense – a commentary track for the 1987 classic sci-fi adventure film Masters of the Universe, starring the incomparable Robert Duncan McNeill and Courteney Cox.

Why'd they have to put nipples on the He-Man suit?

Why’d they have to put nipples on the He-Man suit?

Thong underwear on the outside! James Tolkan bustin’ chops! And what director Gary Goddard calls “what was supposed to be the greatest sword fight ever captured on film”!

Very similar to the Japanese synthesizer we record the podcast on.

Very similar to the Japanese synthesizer we record the podcast on.

The film recently received a glorious bluray release but it’s also viewable on the youtubes here.

Happy Holidays, friends. Thanks for making our first year a good one.


The Brobbit

20 12 2013

Apologies in advance but this is what happens when the grownups leave Josh in charge.

I should never be left unsupervised.

Jaron is traveling the world searching for rare antiquities. The last time I heard from him he had sent me a postcard from 1912 and he was hot on the trail of The Cross of Coronado.


It belongs in a MUSEUM!!!

Kyle “K-Hutch” Hutchison is making his Internet debut on this very Special Edition Episode XV of the LDB Podcast.

Continuing our ongoing series of “Interviews with the Fame Adjacent” Kyle is here to tell us about his exploits as a Make Up Artist for film and television in Toronto.


All my friends are handsomer than me…
                                  Josh Alferez, 2013

In addition to bragging about putting his grimy little hands all over the beautiful and talented Alison “Josh’s-Dream-Lady” Brie, he shares some anecdotes about Colin Hanks and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper before joining Josh in a thorough and spoiler laden review of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Can Kyle’s tiny feet fill Jaron’s massive William Shatner sized shoes?


What I would give to know how to use Photoshop right now!

Probably not, but I didn’t want to watch the movie alone so this is what you get Internet.

The Day the Movies Died?

11 12 2013

Has TV officially bested cinema as the most engrossing form of screen entertainment? In Episode XIV, the lads try to find out, with particular regard to The Walking Dead‘s stellar mid-season finale. They also discuss The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and what makes for a worthy adaptation, debate the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, reminisce about the magical yesteryears of working “in the movies” and test their nerd mettle with Star Trek trivia. Test yours along with them!

Hershel Fucking Greene

Hershel Fucking Greene

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Three Hotties and a Gun

4 12 2013

In a special Episode XIII, LDB welcomes its first guest caster! Friend, colleague and fellow nerd Ryan Fisher pops by Jaron’s apartment for a chat about life as an actor in Toronto.

Teach a man to 'fisher', he'll look this gooood for a lifetime.

Teach a man to ‘fisher’, he’ll look this gooood for a lifetime.

The gents also discuss the reasoning behind current TV programming, the possibility of a Y: The Last Man cable show, and spooge all over the new labyrinthine mystery novel S. by Doug Dorst & J.J. Abrams. Well, Josh and Jaron do the spooging. Ryan just kinda watches. :/


Abrams and Dorst’s new page turner. The kind of time-vampire that makes you long to be sucked dry. .

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Bro, It’s a Dark World (pt 2)

28 11 2013

In Episode XII (part 2), the boys nerdgasm over Kevin Smith and Paul Dini’s pitch for Shadow of the Bat, a young Bruce Wayne TV show, and gush about Hershel Greene’s evolution into full blown ass-kicker on The Walking Dead.

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Bro, It’s a Dark World

21 11 2013

Life’s hard in a city where the mayor smokes crack. As a result, Jaron is jobless and Josh is sleeping under a bridge. Which is why they’re only too happy to chat about the finer points of life over a spot o’ tea. In Episode XII part 1 (that’s right, our first MEGACAST) the gents discuss the art of Saskatoon celebrity Sailor Dan, theorize where Thor 2 and Agents of SHIELD are taking the Marvel cinematic universe, and wax philosophical about the ruins that have become their lives.

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Crash and Burn

25 09 2013

Two podcasts in the same week – apparently the lads just can’t get enough of each other. And you know what else they can’t get enough of? Cheapo special FX, hammy acting and giants robots! Preferably all mixed together in the wondrous stew that is… Robot Jox. Behold Episode XI – Josh and Jaron’s long overdue first foray into commentary tracks.


Download the podcast, sync up your DVD or online file to just after the MGM lion’s second roar and wait for the cue. Then join the gents as they venture into a world of danger and sacrifice, of heroes and villains, where rocket punches are par for the course.

Email us at with feedback and suggestions for other commentaries.

Josh and Jaron: Greater Fools?

19 09 2013

The second season of HBO’s The Newsroom is in the books and the fellas get a little teary eyed wondering if this is the end.

Download Episode X to hear them play Mad Libs, address the internet outrage over Ben Affleck’s Batman casting, and discuss some disturbing rumours concerning “The Boy Wonder.

Oh yeah, and Jaron is back in Toronto, no big deal…

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Bromance Interrupted

28 07 2013

After a prolonged absence, the gents are back for Episode IX. Did summer spectaculars World War Z and Pacific Rim pass muster? How’s the 2nd season of The Newsroom shaping up? And what was the most exciting news to come out of Comic-Con?

Man of Steel reviewcast, bro

15 06 2013

In a very special Episode VIII of LDB (not like, in the way an episode of Fresh Prince was special when it was about the dangers of drug use or something, but special nonetheless) the gents examine the ins and outs of Man of Steel. Were our expectations met? What worked, what crashed and burned. And what we’ll see in the sequel. Spoilers ahead!

Game of Brones

14 06 2013

In Episode VII, the Js reflect on the first three seasons of Game of Thrones, discussing why its storytelling seems to be so hard for some fans to accept. They also cast some predictions for Man of Steel, both on screen and at the box office. As well, exciting (?) news on the Star Wars front, listener email, and Josh kicks off a new weekly feature.


Trekking Into Darkness …Bro

31 05 2013

In Episode VI the dudes catch up after their prolonged absence. They review Into Darkness, theorizing on what would’ve made for a superior 2nd outing for the iEnterprise and her crew. And Josh cuts his toenails. That’s what it sounds like anyway. Seriously, listen for it, it’s goes on for like twenty minutes in the middle.


Broldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

3 05 2013

Jaron has succeeded where all others have failed and has convinced Josh to watch Star Trek.

Check out the newest podcast to hear how it’s been going.

In Episode V the fellas respond to more listener e-mail and discuss the trailers for Pacific Rim and Thor 2.

Listen in awe as they spoil Game of Thrones for any poor bastard not savvy enough to keep up and witness history in the making as Jaron solves the “gay marriage debate”.


22 04 2013


It happens every year. Some ball-tickling new show bursts onto the scene with strong writing, layered and relatable characters confronting intriguing dilemmas, or maybe a freshness that makes you question the validity of everything else you watch. Sometimes it’s a winning combo of all three. Oftentimes it’s the best TV you’ve seen in ages.

And then it’s canceled.

Obviously there are more reasons to take a show off the air than what we, the audience, see. Even so, it sometimes just feels so bloody… wrong. “Bad call, Ripley,” we crow upon hearing the news. Well, I do. I think it anyway. I guess I don’t actually say it aloud. That’d be weird. Especially if I was alone.


The odd time, an effort is organized to avert the disaster – a letter-writing campaign, a feature film to wrap things up – but for the majority, we never see our beloved characters live happily ever after, or even again at all. And each time I’m left a little more jaded. Not just because my enjoyment of an awesome show has been quashed, but also because frequently what isn’t canceled is so staggeringly off-putting in comparison.

So in an effort to chip away some of the encrusted bitterness that has accumulated since my teens, I’ve compiled a list of the most unfortunate ‘we hardly knew ye’s I can think of. The mere possibility that someone may read this list and decide to give one of these gems a look-see is already lessening the ache.

For your aborted viewing pleasure…

#5. Terriers

2010 ~ 13 episodes ~ open-ended

Jessica Fletcher, Remington Steele, Jim Rockford, Tom Magnum… Hank Dolworth. It even sounds like it belongs. Which makes it even sadder to think that it will likely never ring synonymous with those other staples of the detective genre.

Airing on FX in the fall of 2010, Terriers is the kind of show I would refer to as ‘a hoot’. It introduced us to Hank Dolworth and Britt Pollack, a pair of low-rent gumshoes willing to take any case, or dognapping job, in order to scrape by in sunny Ocean Beach, California. The concept may sound familiar, but it was the dynamic between Hank and Britt (largely due to the easygoing chemistry between series leads Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James) that placed the show firmly in ‘hoot’ territory.


Creator Ted Griffin, aided by TV vets Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear, delivered gut-busting laughs, rib-snapping fisticuffs and head-scratching mysteries. But all that was really just window dressing. The real meat of the show lay in watching Hank and Britt trying, and often failing, to become better men. Story arcs concerning Hank’s alcoholism, his ex-wife’s remarriage, his troubled sister, and Britt’s criminal past all mixed a tasty cocktail about male friendship and responsibility for one’s actions.

FX aired all thirteen episodes unbroken but the show never garnered any widespread notice. Admittedly, the title isn’t the grabbiest, and much of the early marketing was too vague to give viewers something to anticipate. Despite some damn fine storytelling, FX dropped the curtain. Although the primary story threads were resolved, several of the leftovers hinted at bigger and better in store for Dolworth & Pollock Investigations. It still stings two and a half years later. So much so that a Terriers feature film is a frequent dream scenario bandied about by TV aficionado nerds like moi.

Oh, and the opening song was the tits.

#4. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

2006-2007 ~ 22 episodes ~ ended

Matthew Perry seems to have nine lives. They just keep throwing shows at this guy. But I suspect he’ll never again feel the deep sting he must have when NBC canned this SNL-inspired behind-the-scenes workplace dramedy.

Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 focused on the put-upon showrunners of a late night sketch comedy show. Exec producer Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford) and head writer Matt Albie (Perry) juggled the perils of show business, the politics of comedy and the shambles of their personal lives. The show functioned as a pulpit for Sorkin’s issue-heavy style of storytelling and was basically executed as The West Wing populated by the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live, which may sound forced in theory but actually worked in practice.

Unfortunately, the show suffered from the same characteristic that arguably hinders (unfairly or not) all of Sorkin’s TV fare – every character is smarter than most people watching. It also proved too gray and complex to entice a broad audience. To his credit, Sorkin addressed this refusal to compromise in the show itself, the characters often having to duke it out with ‘the suits’ over what audiences can be expected to watch nowadays. But by the time NBC pulled the show from the schedule for three months, the writing was on the wall. The show was too expensive, too highbrow, too… good. The final six episodes aired in early summer to low ratings. That was it for Matt, Danny and the gang.


“Canceled? But we speak so intelligently.”

I feel for Perry most of all, who had finally landed a character that played to his strengths, demonstrated he was more than what he had become known for and allowed him an opportunity to walk a line between comedy and tragedy that television actors seldom receive. Oh well, the guy’s a millionaire. Guess I shouldn’t pity him too much.

#3. Jericho

2006-2008 ~ 29 episodes ~ “wrapped up”

Action, drama and social commentary delivered through a believable post-apocalyptic scenario. Stephen Chbosky, Carol Barbee and Jon Turtletaub fashioned a consistently engaging ‘what if’ through line that frequently eschewed a weekly return to the status quo in favor of charting and evolving new territory.

The story centered on Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich), his brother (Kenneth Mitchell) and their father, Johnston (a scene stealing Gerald McRaney in one of those roles that give you the sense the actor was just waiting to reach a certain age in order to play the part they were meant for) who also happens to be mayor of Jericho. The Green family fights to keep their town alive after a nuclear attack devastates most of the United States. Isolated and completely in the dark as to when/if help will arrive, the overnight tectonic shift in necessity for the characters was endlessly intriguing. Jake’s murky past in the Special Forces was mined in interesting ways. And the show was careful not to leave too many questions unanswered for too long, eventually paring things down to one all-important mystery revolving around the creepy Robert Hawkins (Lennie James, last seen CLEEEAR!ing over at AMC), a newcomer to Jericho just prior to the disaster, with information no one else has and motivations to match.


Too dark for the average CBS viewer? Maybe. But after steadily declining ratings (even though the quality of storytelling improved inversely) the show was canceled. After one of the cliffhangeriest cliffhangers ever, fan outcry rang loud and clear and an inventive letter-writing campaign chastised CBS into a reprieve. They granted Jericho a seven episode second season for the express purpose of tying up the story. Was it enough? Debatable of course. Undeniably a better outcome than if season one had ended the series, but the actual closeout did give the impression that the stay of execution was being used to change the network’s mind. A gamble that ultimately left a further feeling of incompletion. Maybe that’s why they felt the need to continue the story again in comics form. Devil’s Due Publishing began releasing Jericho: Civil War in 2009.

#2. Millennium

1996-1999 ~ 67 episodes ~ “wrapped up”

Chris Carter’s most potent creation. And this is coming from a supergeek whose high school bedroom was littered with X-Files memorabilia – I had the ‘I Want To Believe’ poster above my desk (just like Mulder!).

Millennium followed the exploits of Frank Black (Lance Henriksen in the role of his career – makes sense as it was written for him), an ex FBI profiler with the uncanny ability to see into the minds and motivations of the most depraved of killers. The compounded effects of his gift/curse forced his retirement and he went to work for the Millennium Group, a consulting firm of ex law enforcement with odd methods and mysteriously substantial resources. Again, a familiar concept, and while it can’t be said that Millennium invented the ‘profiler’ character archetype, it bloody well made it watchable in a way it never had been.

Saturated with rain, always foreboding and incessantly dark, the show’s appeal lay in its provision of something not airing elsewhere on television combined with a capitalization on the palpable real life anticipation for the coming unknown. As the series progressed, it became less of a ‘serial killer of the week’ procedural and delved more successfully into its mythology, implying a sinister plan at work in correlation to the impending… something.


“How ’bout instead of going to that party we stay in and watch Millennium?”

Despite some brilliant and ominous marketing (“when the wait is over, the suspense begins,” the eerie poster read), and multiple award nominations, the show never saw X-Files numbers. By season two hardly anyone was watching. It had already suffered typical network fatigue, the writers stretching to fill nine programming months. And it didn’t help that the story became more complicated along the way. An uneven second season, while containing the series’ most engaging storylines and thrusting enigmatic character Peter Watts (the incomparable Terry O’Quinn) into the foreground, paired with a piecemeal episode delivery, managed to thoroughly deadify the show in the ratings. Millennium was simply too difficult for viewers to connect with. The second season finale is one of the most unTV episodes of television ever. Carter returned as exec producer to “save” the show in the third season, but the damage was done.

From the creator of The X-Files, then the flagship of FOX, Millennium had enormous expectations foisted upon it. Not only did the network expect a hit but they had committed to a maximum of four seasons at the outset, so it wasn’t really allowed the warm-up period most shows enjoy. The final irony would be that Frank Black’s story would only be “wrapped up” courtesy of The X-Files in the season seven episode ‘Millennium’, which was neither in the spirit of what Millennium was nor a sufficient finale for such an amazing TV show.

#1. Odyssey 5

2002-2004 ~ 20 episodes ~ incomplete

I reserved the top spot for this little known gem for two reasons. One, because it was little know, and two, because its potential was so grossly incongruous to the disregard its network seemed to hold it in.

Created by Manny Coto, Odyssey 5 was about the crew of the space shuttle Odyssey. There were (you guessed it) five of them. After observing an inexplicable species-ending disaster from orbit, the crew are granted an opportunity to travel back in time five years (there it is again) to stop the cataclysm from ever taking place. Because they don’t know the cause, however, they’re at an obvious disadvantage. Added to which, it doesn’t take long before the lives they lived begin unfolding in ways hugely different from before.

A cast led by the stony Peter Weller as mission commander Chuck Taggart (yes, he’s as gloriously curmudgeonly as his name sounds) tackled storylines concerning everything we’d all long to fix should we have a ‘do over’ button at our fingertips – broken relationships, the death of a child, the opportunity for wealth, etc. It was an insightful examination of the human condition in regards to the choices we make.


Along the way, the show developed a meaty central arc concerning sentient, sometimes menacing, artificial life. It was only scratching the surface of where it could’ve gone by its unfortunate, cliffhanger-to-the-nth finale.

Of all the cancelations listed here, I think this one gargled the smelliest balls. Airing over thirteen weeks in the summer of 2002, the show then took a 2-year hiatus before dumping its already-in-the-can final six episodes over two weeks in October 2004. I was among the seven remaining viewers at that point and sadly, we weren’t enough to convince Showtime to keep the show in production. Intelligent, entertaining, in-the-now sci-fi dramas are rare. The way this one turned out, they’ll probably continue to be.

-Honorable Mentions-

The Unit

2006-2009 ~ 69 episodes ~ incomplete

Good guys and bad guys shooting at each other is nothing new on television. But on The Unit, it felt more earned. Based on Eric Haney’s book Inside Delta Force, the show followed Jonas Blane (Redwood tree of a man, Dennis Haysbert) and his fellow team members as they conducted clandestine operations around the globe and wrestled with the consequences of their careers on the home front.

The Unit was at its best when it didn’t shy away from the fact that it was basically The A-Team while simultaneously making you realize just how stupid The A-Team was. Henchmen don’t land safely intact on the ground when you blow up their helicopter, and in a show about soldiers, characters shouldn’t always come home alive just because their names are in the credits.


I KNEW President Palmer would eventually get to shoot a gun!

Solidly crafted by David Mamet and Shawn Ryan, the story struck an uncommon balance between engrossing drama and plain old ass-kickery. And other than a couple of ill-advised episodes that reeked of ‘demo appeal’ the show was a constant entertainment.

I debated whether this one even belonged on the list. It’s hard to say a show that ran for four seasons didn’t get its shot, but the fact remains The Unit was fumbled repeatedly. After a strong first season broadcast over an uninterrupted eleven-week period in the spring, CBS started pulling the old network tricks airing episodes sporadically with weeks in between. But the real soul-crush came when after three years of hanging in, cancelation always looming, the plug was pulled before the planned final fifth season. Everything was up in the air for our heroes and we were left to make do without the last act. At least the 80% we got was as good as this type of show gets.


2002-2003 ~ 15 episodes, 1 feature film ~ open-ended

You may be wondering why this one didn’t make the list. I guess it’s because of all of these shows, this one feels like the most obvious injustice. And I suspect all of you who read this already share my sadness on Firefly’s cancelation. But also, this is the one show that really did get its happy ending. Not literally I guess, if you’ve seen Serenity, but the feature spawned by the show does function as a worthy final act to one of the most entertaining space shows ever. And although I’ll never see Mal and co. soar again in new adventures, I’m okay with that. Because I know they’re out there, fighting to get by. You can’t take the sky from them. … Remember. Like the song.


You canceled this guy?! Jeez, why don’t you just put Dallas back on the air.

On that note, TV execs may be able to shitcan the good shows I enjoy in favor of more of the same that I won’t, but they can’t take the sky from me! I enjoyed these magnificent programs. And so can you. Give a few a try. Whatya have to lose? They’re already canceled.

– Jaron

Greatest Superhebros

19 04 2013

In Episode IV, J & J discuss a couple new trailers, including the awesome awesomeness of Man of Steel, chew on a comics character so often unable to overcome his inherent silliness, ponder the future of Iron Man (and all things Marvel) now that Downey’s contract is up, and even find time to respond to some… quirky… listener emails.


World War Zzzzzzz

5 04 2013

In Episode III, zombie madness ensues! The guys tackle The Walking Dead season finale and the disconcerting film adaptation of the finest zombie book of all time, celebrate Game of Thrones’ return, and dig into Josh’s love life. Can Jaron contain his jealous rage?

… Yes.

World’s Finest

14 03 2013

Episode II in which the lads wax nostalgic over Dawson’s Creek, debate the relevance of network TV and the Academy Awards, confront Josh’s debilitating Skyrim addiction and speculate on the rumored Justice League film.

A New Brope?

8 02 2013

Episode I in which our heroes make their introductions and begin the journey.

Jaron Francis is a celebrated playwright and actor with the jawline of a classically handsome 60’s Hollywood leading man. Josh Alferez works in personal finance and apparently isn’t smart enough to talk directly into his microphone. Through the magic of long distance phone calls Jaron, from his palatial mansion in Saskatoon, connects with Josh in his tiny bachelor apartment in downtown Toronto to bring you their unique take on the worlds of movies, comics, games and TV.

Today they discuss the future of Star Wars and Star Trek, the upcoming film adaptation of World War Z, the little known Robert DeNiro hidden gem Red Lights and Josh’s strange habit of reading Harry Potter aloud on the subway.