Trekking Into Darkness …Bro

31 05 2013

In Episode VI the dudes catch up after their prolonged absence. They review Into Darkness, theorizing on what would’ve made for a superior 2nd outing for the iEnterprise and her crew. And Josh cuts his toenails. That’s what it sounds like anyway. Seriously, listen for it, it’s goes on for like twenty minutes in the middle.



Broldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

3 05 2013

Jaron has succeeded where all others have failed and has convinced Josh to watch Star Trek.

Check out the newest podcast to hear how it’s been going.

In Episode V the fellas respond to more listener e-mail and discuss the trailers for Pacific Rim and Thor 2.

Listen in awe as they spoil Game of Thrones for any poor bastard not savvy enough to keep up and witness history in the making as Jaron solves the “gay marriage debate”.