Man of Steel reviewcast, bro

15 06 2013

In a very special Episode VIII of LDB (not like, in the way an episode of Fresh Prince was special when it was about the dangers of drug use or something, but special nonetheless) the gents examine the ins and outs of Man of Steel. Were our expectations met? What worked, what crashed and burned. And what we’ll see in the sequel. Spoilers ahead!




4 responses

15 06 2013
Kyle Hutchinson

Geez guys can’t you wait til I watch it before you do a review. Don’t you guys realize yet that it’s all about me and my needs.

20 06 2013

you talked about the movie but you should of gave it a rank out of 10

5 08 2013

Was that a Clone High reference at the start? If so, that was awesome.

5 08 2013

If it was it must’ve been Josh. All I know of Clone High I know from you.

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