Greatest Hits

Like U2, Don Henley and The Beatles before them, Josh and Jaron are essentially gonna rattle and hum their way across actual miles.

What follows is a compilation of Long Distance Bromance’s Greatest Hits to give you a taste of the high points without having to slog through all the boring bits.


Interviews With the Fame Adjacent

Three Hotties and a Gun: A conversation with professional actor Ryan Fisher.

The Brobbit: Toronto based make up artist, Kyle Hutchinson guest hosts.

Can’t Get Enough of Your Brobes: Jaron does a little bit o’ ItAS with Actor, Writer and Comedian Tim Hildebrand.

Robin Williams – Broteur: The boys sit down for an exclusive one on one (two on one?) interview with the Robin Williams.

Pickin’ Nits: Bromantic Movie Reviews

Trekking into Darkness: Star Trek 2 Review

Man of Steel: Released a FULL DAY before (and only 1/3 as long as) Kevin Smith’s review

80’s Movies Bro-stalgic Commentary

Crash and Burn: Robot Jox commentary track

We Have the Power: Master’s of the Universe commentary track


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