Jaron is a really nice guy who’s commonly mistaken for your typical deadbeat thespian. He hates telling people what he does for a living because “actor” feels unavoidably hollow and foolish, and usually draws square-eyed looks of uncertainty. So sometimes he’ll make something up instead. “P.I.,” say, “Thought Provocateur” or “Animal Studyist”. Okay, that last part was a lie. Jaron has never had the balls to completely fabricate something in conversation with a person he’s just met, he’s much too timid to attempt something yielding such bountiful bragging rights. As a result, Jaron doesn’t meet a lot of new people, and instead, enjoys the comfort of his own thoughts. Even if his thoughts don’t always enjoy him.

Wow, this is really depressing so far. Hmm… Oh, he does have a trophy on his shelf – for playwriting! Sure, it’s got a spelling error on it, but he didn’t write the award.

Jaron lives in Saskatoon where he performs, writes, produces theatre and thinks deep thoughts that don’t always lead anywhere. Nothing excites him more than the potential of a good story. That, and writing about himself as though it’s someone else writing.



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