Josh Alferez is the last survivor of his doomed home planet. As an infant he was sent to Earth on a rocketship minutes before the planet exploded. He was found by a childless, billionaire couple who raised him as their own. After leaving a late night screening of Tyrone Power’s Mask of Zorro, he witnessed the murder of his parents at the hands of an indigent street thug. From that moment on he has devoted his life to the pursuit of justice.

While working as a test pilot in the Nevada deserts, Josh watched as an extraterrestrial spacecraft crash landed. He offered basic first aid to the ship’s single alien occupant but alas it was too late. With his dying breath this stranger from beyond the stars entrusted Josh with a Ring of Power, an alien artifact able to create whatever he could imagine.

In an effort to understand the science behind this magic ring Josh moved to New York City and while attending a scientific demonstration was bit by a spider that had been exposed to radioactive chemicals. Cursed with the proportionate strength of an arachnid and all the powers of the spider, Josh hoped to find a cure by studying the field of gamma radiation.

When one of the student volunteers under his care was trapped in the blast radius of a gamma bomb, Josh valiantly sacrificed himself to save him. The exposure to high level gamma rays resulted in a mutation that caused Josh to transform into a monstrous, rampaging hulk whenever he lost his temper.

It was at this moment that Pam woke up to find Bobby in the shower and tearfully came to the realization that Josh’s entire existence (and the whole 9th season of Dallas) was all just a dream.

For Josh’s real life story visit his blog Verb the Adjective Noun


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