The Day the Bromance Died

19 04 2015
Call off the search for Brian's replacement!

Call off the search for Brian’s replacement!

In Episode XXIII, Josh and Jaron chew on the brotastic (billion dollar grossing!) Furious 7how it’s better than Citizen Kane, and how much we’ll miss Paul Walker. Also on the docket – where the X-Files fits into the current reboot craze, we solve the “raging” race-specific superhero casting debate, and Schwarzenegger’s upcoming ‘best actor’ bid Maggie (seriously, he could win… right?). Send us your feedback at


MARVELous X-rated Bros

11 02 2015

In Episode XXI, conspiracies are back in vogue. The bros discuss Kumail Nanjiani’s charming podcast The X-Files Files, which Josh is imbibing as he makes his virgin trek through the series and which has reawakened Jaron’s crush on Gillian Anderson in painful fashion.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Chest hair.


They also theorize on what’s gonna happen in the MCU now that Spidey has returned to the fold.


“You’re late, Pete.”

Oh, and apparently Jaron has a supercreep stalker. All that and Josh gets out his male mail sack. Speaking of, send us your feedback at